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Dana M. Kyle

Phone: 575-525-0020
Fax: 575-525-0017
Dana M. Kyle has over 20 years’ experience in estate planning, business and real estate law and helping individual clients meet their estate and business planning needs. Guiding families through trust and estate administration for estates... Read More
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Susie Contreras

Phone: 575-525-0020
Fax: 575-525-0017
Susie Contreras is a friendly, outgoing and caring legal assistant and office manager who always greets clients with a friendly smile. Susie has been in the legal field for over 20 years with more than fourteen years’ experience in the areas of est… Read More
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Kendra Sumner

Phone: 575-525-0020
Fax: 575-525-0017
Kendra Sumner is a hardworking and dedicated assistant with an eager interest in the legal field. Born and raised in Texas, Kendra grew up around the legal field and saw firsthand its ability to help people meet their needs. She is always happy to he… Read More
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Niki Rhynes

Phone: 575-525-0020
Fax: 575-525-0017
Niki Rhynes is a kind and polite receptionist who makes clients feel welcome as soon as they walk through the door. A California native, Niki has lived in Las Cruces for over 15 years and loves it here. In her time working in The Law Offices of Dana… Read More
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Oliver is the Director of Office Morale at The Law Offices of Dana M. Kyle, P.A. He is sweet, friendly, outgoing and adores attention from anyone who will give it to him. Oliver enjoys meeting clients and assuring a stress-free environment for the en… Read More
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