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Kendra Doerger

Phone: 575-525-0020
Fax: 575-525-0017

Kendra Doerger is a hardworking and dedicated Paralegal with an eager interest in the legal field. Born and raised in Texas, Kendra grew up around the legal field and saw firsthand its ability to help people meet their needs. She is always happy to help guide clients with anything they may need assistance with.

Kendra received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from New Mexico State University in 2017. Since then, she has worked hard at The Law Offices of Dana M. Kyle, P.A. to better help its clients and help them achieve their goals while providing an upbeat and pleasurable experience.

Now working remotely from the Chicago area, she spends her free time exploring the area, traveling and spending time raising her dog, Piper, and two cats, Atticus and Oliver.

What you may not know about Kendra…

  • She owns more sweatpants than regular pants.
  • Her cat has a job!
  • She believes life is too short to eat kale.
  • She has an attention span that only allows the first episode of a Netflix series.
  • She can’t decide which is better – authentic New Mexican food or deep dish pizza with giardiniera.