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Lloyd Sumner

Phone: 575-525-0020
Fax: 575-525-0017

Lloyd is a dynamic individual whose journey has been shaped by diverse experiences. Raised in the El Paso, Texas area, Lloyd has developed a deep connection to the community and its rich cultural history.

Although he is relatively new to the legal field, Lloyd brings a wealth of knowledge from his many years in the banking, data processing, and real estate industries. This background has instilled in him a keen analytical mind and a meticulous approach to problem-solving.

Currently Lloyd operates a successful real estate brokerage, holding a Texas broker's license. This venture displays his versatility and adaptability in navigating different professional environments.

Beyond the world of business, Lloyd has a fascinating hobby that reflects his adventurous spirit. He spends his free time exploring the vast desert areas surrounding EL Paso and Las Cruces, searching for historical places and artifacts. This unique passion not only provides a refreshing escape but also adds a layer of depth to his understanding of the region's rich history.

What you may not know about Lloyd…

  • Thinks Green Chile goes well with any food.
  • More comfortable driving off-road than on the highway.
  • Always looking for a new dirt road to follow.
  • Loves watching trains.
  • Has a passion for the study of Toponomy.