Marshmallow's Profile Image


Marshmallow is our part-time Quality Assurance Specialist who takes great pride in making sure our office provides excellent services to clients. Her specialties include tasting food for deliciousness, being available on the ready for pets and treats, and making sure breaks are taken by denying access to keyboards.

She is a recent addition to The Law Offices of Dana M. Kyle, P.A. but is a long-time resident of the Downtown and Historic District and can be seen sunbathing in the Catnip planter pot out front on occasion. Her hobbies include fishing, bird watching, and keeping everyone on their toes with her Siamese Cat temperament. Marshmallow has a half-sister named Faye Valentine who adores her, much to Marshmallow’s chagrin.

What you may not know about Marshmallow…

  • On the weekends she cosplays as the Dread Pirate Marshmallow.
  • She will steal your seat.
  • She loves to sing the songs of her people, loudly, at odd hours of the night.
  • Though a petite 6 lbs. she enjoys chasing her 16 lb. sister.
  • She’s as sweet as she is cute.