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Oliver (Working Remotely)

Oliver is the Director of Office Morale at The Law Offices of Dana M. Kyle, P.A. He is friendly, outgoing and adores attention from anyone who will give it to him. Oliver enjoys meeting clients and assuring a stress-free environment for the entire office. He takes his job very seriously and has a wide range of responsibilities, such as unofficial document shredding, entertaining clients, neighborhood watch (through the window) and testing various office locations for napping quality.

On his days off, Oliver enjoys provoking his dog sister, Piper, running up and down stairs and testing various house locations for napping quality.

Working remotely from Albuquerque, he still makes regular visits to Las Cruces and the office – don’t hesitate to ask about his calendar!

Oliver accepts payment in the form of ear scratches or treats – but mostly treats.

What you may not know about Oliver…

  • He knows how to open doors.
  • He’s the stereotypical middle child with the personality to prove it.
  • He is not scared of anything – except the occasional garbage truck.
  • He feels honored that the NFL team Carolina Panthers named a team after him. He wears his jersey on game days!
  • He’s either sleeping or causing chaos – there is no in-between.