Puppy's Profile Image


Meet Puppy! Our newest office addition. He is our Assistant Purrralegal for all estate planning matters involving “resting in peace” and distribution of your estate “purrr stirpes”. His office benefactors provide him with care and comfort and plenty of treats as he is highly “food motivated”. He is willing to oblige witnessing Will signings as long as its in the file room where he can look down upon the event from his lofty retreat on top of the file cabinets.

Puppy is a handsome 6-year-old rescue cat from our friends at The Cat’s Meow – an organization that works tirelessly to rescue, care for, and place local cats and kittens. Thank you, The Cat’s Meow, for all you do in support of cats who need love in Las Cruces!

What you may not know about Puppy…

  • He actually is not a dog! He’s a domestic medium hair cat!
  • He loves food, like, a lot.
  • He does not enjoy the commute to and from work, but he remains strong.
  • Much like his coworker Oliver, he is either sleeping or causing chaos.
  • It’s impossible for him to do anything wrong, ever.